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Fashion is where the NEW NICOSIA MALL is!

We are the pinnacle of sublime shopping for dedicated followers of fashion searching for a dose of immersive retail therapy. When the doors to Nicosia Mall swing open later this year, visitors will be astounded by the sheer variety of phenomenal fashion from around the world!

We have global fashion big hitters, incredibly talented local designers, international designer labels and a bounty of BIG REVEALS …!

We Are Nicosia Mall and We Are Opening Soon!


Superb Shopping

Decadent Dining

Extraordinary Entertainment

Nicosia Mall is truly set to change the landscape of shopping and leisure in Cyprus!

Nicosia is located at the heart of the island and Nicosia Mall is ideally placed on the A9, one of the capital’s key arterial routes. Situated in one of Nicosia’s south-western suburbs, close to the bustling Archangelos Junction, Nicosia Mall is just 15 minutes drive from the centre of Nicosia and 30 minutes from Larnaca international Airport and its peaceful, yet easily accessible location ensures that visitors from across Cyprus can reach this brand-new shopping and leisure destination without worrying about being caught in heavy traffic.

Nicosia Mall offers leisure seekers a seamless shopping, dining and entertainment solution that delivers everything they could want in one convenient location. On the edge of one of the capital’s busiest suburban areas, the mall offers a respite from the hubbub and as access is unimpeded by existing infrastructure, shoppers will be able to zip to and fro with ease, and find parking at any time of day



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At the Heart of Cyprus

Change is here, in the form of a brand-new mall that is ushering in an exciting era of shopping dining, entertainment and culture to the capital.

An immense amount of thought and expertise has gone into Nicosia Mall on all fronts. Our overriding mission is to deliver an absolutely outstanding, 360° retail and leisure experience for the entire family.

Plenty of Space

Nicosia Mall has an impressive 82,000 m2 of floor space, 150 highly desirable retail units and easily accessible parking for 1,700 vehicles.

This capacious new centre is primed and ready to offer an exemplary retail mix, along with delectable dining choices, a superb selection of entertainment and regular cultural events for the entire family to enjoy.

Phenomenal Fashion

Home to some of the world’s most sought-after brands, designer labels and local talent, Nicosia Mall is poised to become the shopping destination of choice for dedicated followers of fashion.

Nicosia Mall is the pinnacle of sublime shopping for those searching for a dose of immersive retail therapy and shoppers will be awestruck by the sheer variety of fashion, footwear, lingerie and cosmetics on offer.

From leading fashion brands, a convenient hypermarket and ex- cellent entertainment to relaxing restaurants, hip cafés and quick bites, Nicosia Mall has it all and more.

360° of Convenience

When visitors step through the doors of Nicosia Mall, they will discover a centre designed to answer their shopping, leisure and entertainment needs, whatever they may be.

From leading fashion brands, a convenient hypermarket and ex- cellent entertainment, to relaxing restaurants, hip cafés and quick bites, Nicosia Mall has it all and more, including an open-air plaza and elevated park to bring the beauty of the out- side into the mall.

Long-Term Sustainability

We have cleverly blended best practices in green technology, innovation and sustainability to create a building that can exist in harmony with its surroundings.

The architecture of Nicosia Mall is designed to respect and embrace the environment around it, with its open-air plaza and elevated park for cultural events bringing a fresh, outdoorsy perspective to the Nicosia Mall experience.

Easy Access

Visitors will find that getting to and from the Nicosia Mall at any time of day is a breeze thanks to its ideal location on the outskirts of the city.

Nicosia Mall is located just off the A9 on the outskirts of Nicosia, which means that visitors from all over Cyprus can easily bypass the capital’s rush hour traffic by using major inland roads to whisk them to and from the mall.